Signature In the News
  • An Update On the Signature Hotel Program

    Richard Lebowitz, senior vice president-hotel and rest program at Signature Travel Network, talks with James Shillinglaw about how Signature’s hotel program has grown, what amenities it offers for guests and where the program is heading in the future.
  • Marketing The Signature Way

    Karryn Christopher, senior vice president of sales & marketing for Signature Travel Network, talks with InsiderTravelReport’s James Shillinglaw about Signatures’s new marketing strategy, including a new magazine for customers, email marketing, social media and more.
  • Signature Solutions For A New Tech World

    Karen Yeates, executive vice president-information technologies for the Signature Travel Network, talks with James Shillinglaw about the technology challenges faced by travel agencies today and reveals some of Signature’s latest technology initiatives.
  • Signature Travel Network’s Focus on Luxury

    James Shillinglaw interviews Ignacio Maza, executive vice president at Signature Travel Network, about the new program he’s developing for the travel agency cooperative to help members sell more luxury travel.
  • A Status Report on Signature Travel Network

    James Shillinglaw talks with Alex Sharpe, president and CEO of Signature Travel Network about how the travel agency cooperative is gaining members; backing ASTA and its efforts to promote travel advisors; and instituting new training, technology and luxury programs to support Signature members
  • Signature Travel Network CEO A Big Fan Of The Term ‘Travel Adviser’

    Alex Sharpe, President and CEO encouraged all agency owners and supplier partners to adopt the term "advisor" after ASTA announced their name change
  • Signature Travel Network Investing In Messaging Platform

    Signature Travel Network will soon introduce a platform enabling advisers to get client messages from multiple sources
  • Egypt Tops Signature’s Picks Of ‘Where To Go In 2019’

    Every year, Signature Travel Network looks for destinations that are emerging
  • Signature Celebrates New Members at Annual Owners’ Meeting

    Signature Travel Network welcomes eight new domestic members and as well as Magellan Travel Group in Australia
  • Signature Announces ‘Embark’ a New-To-Industry Advisor Training Program

    Signature aims to address one of the biggest challenges facing travel agency owners today: Finding and nurturing new talent.

About Signature

Signature Travel Network is not an organization, it is a member-owned community of leading travel agencies and supplier partners in the industry. The Network collectively generates $8 billion in annual sales and has experienced unprecedented growth in the past ten years. This growth is reflective of the commitment to exclusively align with the most esteemed travel agencies and supplier partners, while simultaneously expanding our reach to more than 7,000 travel advisors in the United States, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Mexico, New Zealand and the Caribbean.

Signature Travel Network® is dedicated to providing the best technology solutions and state-of-the-art marketing to promote your brand. With a robust suite of cruises, hotels and resorts, as well as land privileges second to none, Signature helps you build your sales and retain your clients. We welcome you to join our member-owned community, more than 60-years strong, with an exponential track record of sales growth, integrity and business acumen.  Signature Travel Network is reinventing the retail travel landscape.

Signature’s headquarters is in California with a secondary office in New York City.