Signature In the News
  • Paying it Forward: Signature Execs Share Words of Wisdom

    Approaching International Women’s Day (March 8) this year, Alex Sharpe, president and CEO of the Signature Travel Network, realized that most of his leadership team was composed of women; incredibly successful and innovative women who have been a major part of the network’s success.
  • Luxury Travel Roundtable: Will “Authentic” Replace “Exclusive?”

    The luxury traveler has changed quite a bit over the last decade-plus, but none more so than since the COVID-19 pandemic. Things that were once considered “wants” are now “needs”— and a lot is falling onto the plates of luxury travel advisors and suppliers. Signature Executive Vice President Ignacio Maza led a discussion at the travel network’s annual meeting in Las Vegas in November 2022, centered around luxury clients, their asks, and how advisors and suppliers can better work together.
  • Signature Unveils its 2023 Hotels & Resorts Collection

    Signature Travel Network has announced its 2023 Hotels & Resorts Collection. This year’s portfolio includes 1,175 hotels, resorts, lodges and spas in over 600 destinations worldwide. A total of 115 new properties joined Signature’s Hotels & Resorts Collection for this year.
  • Signature EVP Ignacio Maza Shares His Must-Visit Destinations in 2023

    Signature Travel Network’s EVP of luxury business development, Ignacio Maza, has visited all seven continents and well over a hundred countries. He is always in search of what’s next in travel. “Travelers are ready for new frontiers, seeking destinations that are unique, authentic, and well worth visiting,” said Maza. As the world continues to reopen, here is his list of places to visit in 2023.
  • Signature Travel Network creates club for top hotel sellers

    Signature Travel Network has created a new club, the Signature Suite Club, for its top producers selling the Signature Hotels & Resorts Collection.
  • Ignacio Maza Has Traveled Almost Everywhere But Arctic Greenland. Until now

    Ignacio Maza’s passion for far-flung places has inspired his career as executive vice president of Signature Travel Network, a consortium of travel agencies. As well, his self-admitted sense of wanderlust for travel near and far has taken him to more than 100 countries. He’s sailed on 80-plus cruise ships.
  • How travel advisors can battle burnout

    Travel advisor burnout is a real concern in the industry today. Monika Leuenberger, president of Avenues of the World Travel in Flagstaff, Ariz., well knows that. She called it a "huge issue" in the industry, one that has driven capable people to different careers.
  • Selling Luxury: Ignacio Maza Talks Creating Sophisticated Travel Itineraries

    Luxury Travel Advisor recently caught up with Ignacio Maza, executive vice president of the Signature Travel Network, to get his intel in how luxury travel advisors can create sophisticated itineraries for demanding clients.
  • Signature Travel Network Adds 139 New Preferred Partnerships in 2022

    Signature Travel Network added 139 new partners in 2022.
  • Signature Travel Network Celebrates Members in Las Vegas

    Signature Travel Network celebrated members’ service, collaboration and sales excellence at its annual conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. As many as 30 individuals were honored as part of the network’s 2022 Advisor Recognition Awards. Additionally, awards were presented to eight individuals who were recognized by their colleagues and preferred partners for their excellence in the areas of sales, service, mentorship, innovation, and giving back to communities around the world through travel.

About Signature

Signature Travel Network is not an organization, it is a member-owned community of leading travel agencies and supplier partners in the industry. The Network collectively generates $11+ billion in annual sales and has experienced unprecedented growth in the past ten years. This growth is reflective of the commitment to exclusively align with the most esteemed travel agencies and supplier partners, while simultaneously expanding our reach to more than 15,000 travel advisors in the United States, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Greece, Mexico, New Zealand and the Caribbean.

Signature Travel Network® is dedicated to providing the best technology solutions and state-of-the-art marketing to promote your brand. With a robust suite of cruises, hotels and resorts, as well as land privileges second to none, Signature helps you build your sales and retain your clients. We welcome you to join our member-owned community, more than 65-years strong, with an exponential track record of sales growth, integrity and business acumen.  Signature Travel Network is reinventing the retail travel landscape.

Signature’s headquarters is in California with a secondary office in New York City.