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  • Signature Travel Network’s Karl Kannstadter Talks Exploration Travel, and How He’s Helping Advisors Sell It

    As a child growing up in Toronto, Karl Kannstadter was a regular visitor to Toronto Pearson International Airport. He’d go with his parents, plus other cousins who lived nearby, and run around in the waiting room until his grandparents from Belgium or his grandmother from Germany walked through the double doors.
  • Dupes redux: More parallel destinations

    Just as destinations half a world apart may have commonalities, disparate people likewise can share a strong connection based on parallel interests. If you work in the tourism industry, it's not hard to find a kindred spirit who, like you, takes a very special interest in some aspect related to the profession, be it as broad as cruising or as narrow as collecting travel posters.
  • What Signature’s Tech Guru Has in Store for Agency Members

    Karen Yeates, executive vice president-information technologies at Signature Travel Network, talks with James Shillinglaw of Insider Travel Report about all the great new technology products the agency cooperative has introduced over the past year, as well as all the new tech to come. And yes, Yeates does address the elephant in the room—artificial intelligence (AI).
  • How Signature Markets Travel Services and Chooses Preferred Partners

    Karryn Christopher, executive vice president-marketing and preferred partnerships for Signature Travel Network talks with James Shillinglaw of Insider Travel Report about what’s new in the way the travel agency cooperative markets the travel services of its member agencies.
  • Where Signature Travel Network Stands in 2023

    Alex Sharpe, president and CEO of Signature Travel Network, talks with James Shillinglaw of Insider Travel Report at the Signature Conference held in Las Vegas earlier this month. Sharpe details how this record-setting conference reflects how the agency cooperative is operating on all cylinders during a boom time for travel and Signature is developing new technology, marketing and training programs for its agency members.
  • Headquarter Happenings: New Technology, Marketing Initiatives Unveiled at Signature Annual Conference

    In 2023, the Signature Travel group will send more than 1.5 million people on vacation, making it one of the busiest years for the consortium.
  • Signature Travel Network Unveils “Circles” Specialist Program

    At its Annual Sales Conference in Las Vegas, Signature Travel Network unveiled its new “Circles” specialist program to advisors in attendance. Launching officially in January 2024, Circles will at first include 10 specialties—including Positive Impact, LGBTQ+, Exploration, Wellness Travel and so on—but will likely expand to include other travel specialties and even sub-sections of each Circle.
  • ‘Future Is Bright’ For Signature Travel Network

    A record-breaking number of attendees at Signature Travel Network‘s annual conference heard today that the consortia’s travel advisors will send more than 1.5 million people on a holiday in 2023.
  • Signature’s Travel Guru Says Go To Queensland In 2024

    Three regions of Australia are now etched in the memory of travel advisors attending the Signature Travel Network Annual Conference to recommend to their clients. Perth, Palm Cove and the broader state of Queensland were all on Executive Vice President, Ignacio Maza’s exclusive ‘it lists’ for 2024.
  • How To Use Travel To Do Good

    Alex Sharpe has been a luxury travel executive for most of his career, but he has found renewed purpose in using travel for good. As President and CEO of Signature Travel Network, Alex created Travel Elevates, a foundation that funds important projects around the world and gives travelers unique experiences that elevate their memories. Susan and Alex talk about travel advisors, Hawaii, and bridge.

About Signature

Signature Travel Network is not an organization, it is a member-owned community of leading travel agencies and supplier partners in the industry. The Network collectively generates $11+ billion in annual sales and has experienced unprecedented growth in the past ten years. This growth is reflective of the commitment to exclusively align with the most esteemed travel agencies and supplier partners, while simultaneously expanding our reach to more than 15,000 travel advisors in the United States, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Greece, Mexico, New Zealand and the Caribbean.

Signature Travel Network® is dedicated to providing the best technology solutions and state-of-the-art marketing to promote your brand. With a robust suite of cruises, hotels and resorts, as well as land privileges second to none, Signature helps you build your sales and retain your clients. We welcome you to join our member-owned community, more than 65-years strong, with an exponential track record of sales growth, integrity and business acumen.  Signature Travel Network is reinventing the retail travel landscape.

Signature’s headquarters is in California with a secondary office in New York City.